Mu Legend Will Provides Various Contents And Systems

When the Legend was launched, the game has extremely shallow contents and systems, Mu Legend is Hack & Slash MMORPG, based on Hack & Slash battle system, Mu Legend provides various contents. For information about Mu Legend more content, you can head over to
For example, there is a random map called ‘The rift’ that changes monster level and reward depending on the character level, various mission maps such as Chaos Castle, Blood Castle, Endless Tower and Altar of Elements or epic dungeons that requires strategic play. Not Suprisingly, a marvelous gaming experience, it's depending on a best site to buy cheapest Mu Legend Zen from
The key mindset while developing Mu Legend was to create ‘A Hack & Slash game that anyone from the world can enjoy and play’. The system should not be brand new, although it looks something similar, it must show a very detailed level design to make it feel different. So when developing the Mu Legend, the strong points from predecessor that fits with MMORPG and Hack & Slash system has been installed to be optimized with new game. 
We try to make this game easy to start but if you get better at control or spend lots of time, the game will still challenge you as the game balance has been carefully designed. So one feature point of this game will be everyone can enjoy it in their own way. You can enjoy it by buying cheapest Mu Legend Zen from
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